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"I Believe Every Child Deserves To Grow Up Money Smart"

Clever Dough Kids Academy

DAY #6 Money Management For Kids

(Raising A Money Master with 6 Magical Piggy Banks)

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What Others Are Saying ...

"We should be starting this when they're 3. Amanda takes powerful principles and puts them in a way that parents can help their children to understand how powerful a future they can have just by learning some simple things about money ... in a way that's going to excite them." Phil Strong - New Zealand

"Amanda's got a great program for financial education for kids. My son Jack is 4 years old and I'm concerned about his future and I know that financial education is one of the ways that I'm going be helping him. Check out Amanda's material and watch your kids do amazing things." Joe Estrada - Austrailia

"It wasn't until adulthood that I was able to address the negative beliefs I had about money. Amanda's course not only instilled my kids the ability to set goals ... it built an abundance mindset that's gonna last them the rest of their lives. I can't encourage you enough to get it." Patrick McMillan - USA

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Financial Literacy For Kids 101