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"I Believe Every Child Deserves The Best Financial Education"

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Learn The Secret To Raising Money Smart Kids

financial literacy for kids 101

In This Free 10-Part Kids Financial Literacy Course You'll Learn...

-How to teach your children about money in 10 simple steps (so they never come crawling back home to you once they leave the nest!)

-50+ fun ways for kids to make money (WITHOUT giving an allowance!)

-ONE THING never to say when teaching children about money if you want them to live an abundant life (it's NOT what you think!)

-PLUS 7 BONUS TOOLS to kick start your kids financial education so they can thrive financially and be 100% independent!

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What Others Are Saying About Clever Dough Kids ...

“Amanda, you are so inspiring... I am a mother of three, and was not raised with money savvy and therefore I am learning along with my kids... in your Teaching Children About Money 2.0 Course, you are teaching our kids to "manage their own finances" not just do it for them... I am truly glad to have found you. I love your enthusiasm - it is contagious!

Kaye Blahak

Kaye Blahak


“There is only one word to describe this course... MINDBLOWING! I have 3 sons ages 25, 24 and 9. I made many mistakes with my two older boys and refuse to make the same mistakes with my 9 year old. This is the course all parents have been waiting for. Thank you so very much.

Cindy Govender

Cindy Govender

Johannesburg, South Africa

“I started Kuby on your ‘TCAM 2.0’ course when he was 7 years old, He talked to his grandma about a ‘business proposal’ taking out the garbage for her. Then he started his own recycling business, collecting old travel brochures for travel agents. He made the business deal all on his own. He was so excited the day he bought his first new Lego set. He already earned over $3,000 by the time we were only halfway through your course! Thank-you Amanda. Every parent needs this!

Jana B

Jana B.